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Why is Saudi German Hospital the most famous hospital in Riyadh?

Saudi German Hospital has many medical specialties such as ear, nose, throat, eyes, children, heart disease, orthopedics, gastrointestinal tract, gynecology and obstetrics, in addition to plastic surgery, which is one of the most important specialties at this time for many people ,,, etc, All of these departments and more provide an appropriate treatment environment for all patients and visitors.
The Saudi German Company is characterized by its inclusion and possession of a large group of medical staff with expertise and efficiency, in addition to having a highly qualified nursing staff.
Providing the best means of health care for patients within the emergency department, and this department is ready to accept all cases, whether the case is normal or complex and critical, are receiving emergency cases of injured people and then provide the best medical care for them until the date of recovery, and intensive care unit equipped with the best equipment Modern technologies with the highest and best technological accuracy, as well as a room equipped with the best and the latest technologies for heart and resuscitation.
It also has a special radiology section to find out where the fractures are, whether they are in the back, in the feet or anywhere else, through the best ultrasound or X-ray techniques.
In addition to psychiatry, which is the best disciplines that are highly popular by individuals as a result of the pressures of daily life and subjected individuals to shocks and relapses, because of their entry into the circle of depression and frustration, which ultimately leads to suicide of individuals if the tantrums of anger and screaming that individuals are not controlled This certainly can only be carried out within the group of Saudi German hospitals, the most famous hospitals in Riyadh, because they have a selection of the best and most skilled psychiatrists who see that mental illness is like any organic disease and that the patient is not a criminal needs punishment, but m He needs treatment to get rid of the anxiety, anxiety and fear inherent in him, and then returns to normal activities and has the ability to make his mark and leave a mark to the community in which he lives to be named in the future.

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دراسة جدوى مشروع اقتصادي من “دار الخليج”

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أهم ما يجب أن تعرفه عن الاستثمار العقاري في السعودية

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